About Us

Professional Numerologist

Dr Martin Combrinck (PhD) is a Professional Numerologist for the past 35 years.  His reputation as a leading Numerologist was quickly established throughout the country. After years of giving readings to hundreds of numerology enthusiasts, Martin sought an online method to expand his reach to those unable to meet in person. This culminated in NumeroDestiny.co.za.

Besides offering the various Numerology Reports, Martin is a Speaker and Coach at support groups, conferences and seminars and he offers a variety of training courses. Martin also developed a Numerology software program with the aim of creating customised reports for clients and businesses.



NumeroDestiny is the product of Dr Martin Combrinck, a Professional Numerologist in South Africa.

NumeroDestiny is an online platform that offers the following Services:

  • Articles: A variety of interesting articles about Numerology and its applications.
  • Products: Personal, Business, Relationship and Naming Numerology reports.
  • Services: Consulting, Coaching, Training and Speaking Engagements.
  • Courses:  To lay Persons and Professionals.